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  • Create a Brag document

    Record and show a timeline of milestones in your work or life (or anything else!)

  • If you’re anything like us, when you’re in the thick of a project it’s impossible to find the time to sit and write about it. But when it comes to your performance review or job interview, you’re stuck with a bad memory and a blank page.

    It's also just as important to keep a record of those small things beyond your current job, to map where you've had your career and personal highlights.

    We believe it should be easier to record and show what you're doing at work.

    By adding achievements when they happen, we can do better.

  • Grab your @name and start tracking

    It couldn't be easier to get going. Just create an account below and start jotting down what you've been up to. You can add things from the past, or create goals for the future.

    Or check out Jonny's bragdoc or Neil's bragdoc for examples.

  • Why?

    Since starting Progression last year, we've wanted to create something to help anyone anywhere to better progress their career. We've been testing landing pages and talking to loads of people to find out what they're doing today.

    As part of this search, we've been very taken by this post by Julia Evans on the importance of maintaining a brag document. It even inspired our name!

    Mainly though, we thought this would be fun and useful for people. Please help us improve it by tweeting us at @progressionapp.